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Recycle, Revitalize, Refresh.


HERhomes designs with the intention of maintaining the feel good of "grandma's house" with the live good of contemporary amenities.  



HERhomes is a mother-daughter team who love houses ... and love to renovate them. Jamie has spent years working in small practice management and has been renovating her homes on the side since the early 80s.  Hannah grew up living in these homes, which partially inspired her to get a master's in architecture. Upon her graduation, Hannah and Jamie decided to go into business together and take their joint passion on the road. 

Jamie received her M.B.A. from Boston University in 1984. Hannah received her undergraduate degree from Clark University in 2012 and her Masters of Architecture from Boston Architectural College in 2017.

Jamie Atkins, M.B.A.


architectural designer

Hannah Miller, M.Arch


architectural designer

Gus Miller


official woof-er

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